Sylvan Rocks strives to protect its clients and employees by attempting to comply with Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for businesses related to COVID-19 when practical. We DO NOT require the wearing of face masks since our courses are conducted outdoors, but clients and guides are welcome to wear a mask at any time. In addition, we have a COVID-19 waiver of liability, which is part of our waiver package, that clients must sign prior to any trips with Sylvan Rocks.

Certain activities related to rock climbing and rock climbing instruction make it impractical to fully practice CDC guidelines for COVID-19, particularly related to social distancing. These include activities such as a guide setting up a belay or assisting clients with tying knots, or multiple climbers being clipped into a single anchor on the summit of a climb. If there is a conflict between compliance with CDC guidelines for COVID-19 and the practice of common rock climbing risk management procedures, Sylvan Rocks will NOT compromise rock climbing risk management procedures. If you have additional questions, please email or call.